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Managing brood cow nutrition is key for herd longevity. Forage-based diet programs often lack the mineral content needed to meet performance requirements of your cow herd. A quality, year-round mineral program can fill these nutritional gaps while supporting the reproductive and health success of cows, bulls and calves alike. Framework® from Kent offers a complete line of products to match your forage, cattle and operational goals year after year. The consistent quality across the Framework® product line means you get flexibility for your herd along with industry-leading nutrition, optimal performance and consistent returns 365 days a year.


  • High-quality source of key minerals and vitamins for strong growth, reproduction and development
  • Rain-cote® weather protection helps reduce loss of valuable minerals and vitamins exposed to wind and weather, promotes water resistance and supports free flowing and palatability even on the wettest days
  • Phosphorus is often deficient in pastures; includes an optimal level of phosphorus to help support growth and reproductive performance regardless of pasture conditions
  • Research proven and guaranteed for optimal performance


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Research Proven & Guaranteed to Work.

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