Sentinel® Extruded Horse Feed

Extruded Feed for Extraordinary Nutrition.

 Sentinel® Extruded Horse Feed

Extruded Feed for Extraordinary Nutrition.

Extruded horse feed helps your horse live a healthier life.

No matter your horse’s nutritional needs, our 100% extruded feeds are made to optimize nutrient absorption, provide more calories for energy and may help lower the risk of digestive upsets that may lead to choke, colic and laminitis.

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Light, Airy Nuggets for Improved Digestibility

Extrusion takes our high quality, finely ground ingredients and pressure cooks them with moisture into airy nuggets. They’re lighter, larger and have more volume than pellets, encouraging a healthier rate of intake. They also break down much easier, lowering the risk of feed-related choke and certain digestive upsets.

pelleted feed


  • Heavier, smaller and more dense than extruded nuggets
  • Require more pressure and longer saturation to break down
  • Some horses may not completely chew or bolt when eating smaller feed particles too quickly
extruded feed


  • Lighter, larger and less dense than pellets
  • Breakdown faster and easier for healthy foregut digestion of certain nutrients
  • Encourages eating or chewing at a healthier rate of intake.
Sentinel Extruded Full Line

There’s no horse like your horse.

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Nutritional Information

Sentinel Extruded Horse Feed guards equine health.

Digestive Health icon

Stable Digestive Environment

Our extruded horse feeds contain prebiotics and probiotics which aid in maintaining digestive health and microbial fermentation for sustained nutrient digestibility, absorption and assimilation.

Nutrient Density and Release icon

Nutrient Density and Release

A nutrient-dense diet means potentially delivering more of what your horse needs in less feed for ideal health and body condition.

• Limited Starch and Sugar icon

Limited Starch and Sugar

Often recommended for horses with metabolic and digestive challenges, our extruded line is made with low starch and low sugar ingredients.

Gastric Balanace icon

Gastric Balance

Bioavailable marine-sourced calcium helps support gastric pH and health especially during times of stress.

Built-In Fiber icon

Built-In Fiber

Fiber sources such as soybean hulls, beet pulp and alfalfa meal may help maintain healthy hindgut fermentation while providing extra calories.

'Cool' Energy icon

‘Cool’ Energy

A sequential release of energy from fat and fermentable fiber provides lower starch calories to meet the complex energy demands and helps maintain normal digestive health.

Optimized Nutrition icon

Optimized Nutrition

NutriVantage® for horses is a research-driven feed supplement consisting of a blend of organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chelating agents that may aid in nutrient availability, reduce the effects of stress and promote a healthy gut environment.

Immune Support icon

Immune Support

Antioxidant nutrients including stable vitamins and biologically available trace minerals help maintain normal health and metabolism.

Joint Support icon

Joint Support

Omega-3 fatty acids, stable vitamins and balanced minerals may help maintain joint and bone health and strength.

Body Tissue & Integrity icon

Body Tissues & Integrity

Amino acids such as lysine, methionine and threonine are important for growth and maintenance of all tissues including bone, muscle, hoof and hair.

Healthy Skin and Hair Coat icon

Healthy Skin and Hair Coat

Sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids plus protein, B-vitamins and trace minerals complexes may help promote healthy skin, hair coat and hoof condition.

Healthy Rate of Intake icon

Healthy Rate of Intake

The light and airy nature of 100% extruded feeds may facilitate the breakdown of feed while encouraging slower consumption and more thorough chewing for maintaining digestive health.

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Our expert nutrition team is passionate about giving you the in-depth information you need to help you select the best feeding program to support your horse’s overall well-being. We’re here to help answer anything from what is the best feed for your equine companion to senior horse to selection of the best feed for horses with a history of digestive upset.

Stable Stories

Hear from people who passionately protect their horse’s health by feeding Sentinel.


“We are feeding athletes, and they perform extremely well on Sentinel.”



Sentinel greatly reduces the risk of colic or choke because it’s much more digestible.”


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“The Sentinel products have been extremely helpful in really providing a good nutritional basis for our horses.”


Blue Seal Sentinel Stable Stories TNT Equine

“I like the Sentinel extruded feeds, especially for the older, geriatric horses because I think it’s easier to digest and chew than a pelleted feed.”


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