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5 Tips for Using EnergiLass With Your Cow Herd

1. Not all blocks are created equal
While some other, lower-cost tubs for cattle have a 1-2 (or even 3) lb/hd/d intake, EnergiLass has an average intake of 0.75 lb/hd/d, making it the most cost effective choice for supplementing protein. That’s because EnergiLass is a cooked/dehydrated molasses-based product. Beet molasses is cooked to evaporate water and then blended with additional ingredients to meet the guarantees on the tag. This results in a hard block, with consistent intakes and no chemical hardeners.


2. Pick the right block for the right time
Get the most out of every block by choosing the right one at the right time. Two examples: In January cows are on dormant pastures, stock piled forage, or stored forage. All are great options for that time of the year, but sometimes the quality can be low. Adding an EnergiLass protein block can help your cows get more from the forage they consume. Calving season starting in the next 30 days? Consider offering an EnergiLass Breeder Aide® block to the herd pre-calving through breeding. The additional protein, trace minerals, and vitamins will give your cows a nutritional boost to maintain a yearly calving schedule.


3. Determine the right number of blocks
It’s important to have the right number of blocks available to allow all animals in the herd access. According to the feeding directions, producers should provide 1 block for every 20 to 30 head. This ensures everyone can get access to the supplement. The number of blocks available can also help influence average consumption. If you want to reduce consumption, simply increase the number of containers. Or if you want to increase consumption, just remove a few containers.


4. Consider where the blocks are placed
Proper consumption is all about location, location, location. When on pasture, containers should be placed near the water source, mineral feeders or where cattle tend to loaf. Moving the containers closer to these areas can help increase consumption, while moving them further away will likely decrease consumption. When in dry lot, containers should be placed in the bunk or along a fence line. Make sure to monitor consumption when in a confined situation to ensure your herd isn’t overeating.


5. Don’t forget the salt
Did you know that the majority of low moisture blocks do not have added salt? There’s only one EnergiLass block with added salt, Rumen Booster. All other EnergiLass blocks need to be fed alongside a source of free choice salt. You can offer plain white salt or you can increase your herd’s nutrition with a Framework 365 Mineral®.


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