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Travis Perry

Travis, Kirstin, Bailey and Bryson Perry

Travis and his wife Kirstin started Perry Swine Genetics (PSG) in 1990. Since then, they have welcomed two daughters, Bailey and Bryson, to the family. The Perry’s reside in Monticello, Indiana where they currently run 40-50 sows, focusing on show pigs, and boar semen sales. Perry Swine Genetics raises Crossbreds, Berkshire, Duroc, Spots, and Yorkshire show pigs and breeding stock, including semen sales from their herd boars.

Perry Swine Genetics has produced many champions across the nation and sold over 40 boars to boar studs around the country. Travis’ motto is "Build better hogs, not better hype." He said, "We pride ourselves in quality show stock and customer service. We are passionate about having litters with consistency and depth. We feel very blessed that we have put 25 boars into studs across the US over the last few years."

His focus is always on youth first, making sure that the kids have a positive experience. This ensures that they continue to carry on the tradition of raising and showing hogs with their families in the future. Travis believes it’s not just about selling a prime crossbred or purebred off the PSG farm; when you buy a hog from PSG, you also receive follow-up and support from Travis to make sure you’re getting the most out of your animal for your show.

Travis has been a firm believer in Kent products from the beginning, but his favorites are NexGen Starter SK and Launch SK 1.4. Travis believes this starter program is the key to getting his pigs on their way to becoming champions.

travis perry
Travis’ motto is "Build better hogs, not better hype."

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