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Brand Ambassadors Deliver White House Christmas Tree

Nov. 25, 2019 - A crush of reporters and photographers gathered today at the White House to document the annual arrival of the First Lady’s Christmas tree – which was delivered by two very special “Blue Seal-fueled” horses named Cash and Ben.

The Clydesdales are from Suttler Post Farm, which is owned and operated by Wayne Mast and his son, Daniel. It’s the third year that the Masts have been invited to help with the event, which takes them directly outside the North Portico of the White House and within a handshake’s reach of the President and First Lady.

“The security is intense, as you’d imagine, but we get to go right down Pennsylvania Avenue and onto the White House grounds,” Mast said. “A band plays Christmas carols when we pull up . . . It’s a pretty neat experience.”

Suttler Post Farm is located in Mechanicsville, Maryland and home to 11 gelding Clydesdales, which are used for public and private events such as weddings and farm tours. All of the horses are fed Blue Seal Dynasty XT Pro, a detail that’s boldly displayed on their trailers. The Masts are long-time brand ambassadors for Blue Seal.

“We say our horses are ‘fueled by Blue Seal Dynasty XT Pro,’ and we’re proud of that,” Mast said.

He acknowledged that the actual White House tree (which is selected years in advance) gets most of the publicity every year. But Mast said people are always fascinated by the majestic Clydesdales as they make their two-block trip from the South to North lawns of the president’s home.

“It’s really just an honor to be asked to be a part of this,” Mast said, adding that this year was particularly special because his 10-year-old son, Wyatt, joined him at the reins – black suit, top hat and all.

“For the first time, we had three generations of Mast men delivering the White House Christmas tree,” he said. “My dad, me, and now my son.”

This year’s White House tree comes from a farm in Pitman, Pennsylvania and stands 18-19 feet tall.

Watch the video of the arrival here:


Top Photo: Susan Walsh, AP

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