Ribbons for the Trail

By Theresa Cannavo, Marketing Manager

Styling a horse’s mane and tail is fun and a great way to spend quality time with your horse. But did you know that you can tie a ribbon to your horse’s tail for safety reasons?

Following are some universal color guides that you can apply when you hit the trail.

A Red Ribbon in a horse’s tail is a warning to the other riders that your horse might kick. As we all know this does happen and if you are behind a kicker you know that you need to keep a pretty safe distance between you and the horse with the red ribbon. This ribbon tied near the top of the tail is a safety precaution that visually says my horse may kick if you get too close.

A Yellow Ribbon tied near the top of the tail indicates the horse is a stallion. As it might not apply that he could be a red ribbon horse, it does indicate to the others, especially the mares of his status. Stallions are know to be very protective of mares and by keeping a safe distance you could eliminate any situations that might occur.

A White Ribbon tied to the tail is not a warning sign, but a “For Sale” sign. Although this is not as widely used as the yellow and red ribbons, it is becoming more popular in the trail riding circles to indicate this great horse is available.

So if you are trail riding on a Stallion that kicks and is for sale, you will have a colorful tail. And good luck with the sale.