Top 5 Tips to Getting Ready to Show and Win

By Theresa Cannavo

Getting the horse ready – Have you started to remove the winter coat and increase your training regiment? Now is the time to do so. Using our Omegatin product helps renew that hair and coat just in time for your first show. This product is great for enhancing body condition.

Get the trailer ready – Check the tires, breaks, registration, lights and floors. Make sure everything is going to provide safe transportation for you, your family and equine friends. Clean out the tack area and update your supplies to fit your travel needs.

Get the rider ready – Does the show attire fit like it did last year? Is it time to buy new, trim down or just make sure all the sequins or there, boots are polished and zippers are working? Having all of this ready now is better than trying to do it the night before. Don’t forget to do this for everyone in the family who participates.

Get the tack ready – Take the cover off and give it a good polish. Make sure all the leather is in good shape, not cracked or torn. Check to see if it fits the horse properly as I know this harsh winter has added a few pounds to most horses.

Get your budget ready – Have you set your budget for shows, travel, equipment new purchases? Now is a great time to set some monetary goals and stick to them. Can you share show expenses with a friend who has a bigger trailer?