Packaging Statement on #5 Recycling

Plastic #5, or Polypropylene (PP), is durable, resistant to heat, and acts as a barrier to moisture. It is found in yogurt and margarine tubs, microwaveable plastic containers and lids, and has many other common uses, as well as the packaging for Kent Home Fresh products. As animal feed packaging, PP is stronger and more water resistant than paper, maintains product freshness and greatly reduces the incidence of broken or split bags and the feed waste it creates.

While a growing number of local recycling centers accept #5, most still do not. You can look for larger centers near you at or Some Whole Foods Market stores have plastic bag collection bins that will take #5 as well.

Given this reality, we ask you to call on your creative nature to find ways to reuse and repurpose your Home Fresh bags. Some of our customers have used them as gift wrap, or made them into tote bags, wine bottle totes, aprons, seat covers, pillows, and a host of other applications. Pinterest is also a great source of ideas to put your Home Fresh bags to good use.