NutriVantage Poultry Pack for Commercial Poultry Operators

By Michael Edmonds, Ph.D. Vice President Swine and Poultry Nutrition

In the last seven years we have developed excellent data regarding the benefits of our proprietary products called NutriVantage® and BoVantage®. These products have shown benefits in young pigs, grow-finish pigs, sows, broilers, starting and finishing cattle, dairy cattle, dairy calves, and show animals. In 2012, we had an opportunity to work with an Integrated Layer Operation in Iowa during the summer months to determine if added NutriVantage would benefit layers. The results and graph are shown below:

NutriVantage Poultry Pack for Commercial Poultry Operations


  • Added NutriVantage® clearly showed a positive improvement in egg production
  • Recommendations for NutriVantage® Poultry Pack in commercial layer operations are:
    • Begin feeding in Mid-May prior to the onset of summer heat; continue feeding until September 1.
    • Utilize NutriVantage® during any periods where there is additional stress such as when filling barns, during disease outbreaks, temperature changes, etc.
    • NutriVantage® can also be utilized in developing pullets.
    • Contact the Kent Nutrition Department for additional recommendations on how to use this commercial product in broilers, turkeys, and game birds.