Tools for Selling Kent Beef Programs

James Grothe, Dairy Beef Specialist

As costs of cattle feeding rise, customers are requesting additional profitability information, and rightfully so. What type of information are customers asking for? What is the best way to deliver the product or service advantage? KNG Feed has developed several key programs to support the professional customer’s sales experience with beef products.

A good start is a reliable economic projection. A number of good programs are available. Dalex, can be used to evaluate the exact ration the client wants to feed. Of course, like all projections, it is only as good as the numbers put into it, so it requires accurate prices for feedstuffs, purchase and selling prices of cattle, yardage, and other expenses. Discuss these variables with your client and their expectations, input variability can yield very different results. Dalex works well with most rations that require balancing. For Holstein Steers on the Precision Dairy Beef feeding program we have a Projection Program which works on a similar platform, Microsoft Excel. It is a very simple, accurate projection that allows for adjustments in performance. This projection program has a starting weight range of 74-1100 pounds and a finish weight of ≥1100 pounds or 1250-1450 pounds. Ration balancing is not needed in a corn/pellet diet. The data used for projections are from actual closeouts from past years of research and experience. A Fed Cattle Projection is based on the same format as the Precision Dairy/Beef Projection model. It allows for diets with corn silage, distillers, and/or gluten feed and can be used to compare all three side-by-side. However, it is a simple projection and will not ration balance. The Corn Value Calculator will calculate the best value option between corn, distillers, or gluten.

When cattle are on feed or finished, and we want to monitor the results, a couple of different tools are available. The biggest challenge is getting an accurate amount of feed fed. For this, Feedlot Records program allows you to take the daily feed sheets and total the feed used for a month. It can be added with other information such as purchase records, selling information and other expenses to be entered into the Cattle Monitoring Program which will calculate a closeout on that group of cattle. It is a simple, easy-to- read format. If intakes need to be monitored, a program will graph it based on daily consumption (Pen Monitoring Program).

Cow/calf tools include the Creep Comparison Program, which compares the economics of feeding a high-quality creep vs. no creep feeding. The Creep Calculator calculates the cost of gain and net profit return based on price per ton of creep. The EnergiLass Comparison Calculator and Worksheet are similar in that both compare EnergiLass to chemical blocks or liquid supplements as alternatives. Framework 365 mineral is the best value on the market and the Mineral Comparison shows the advantage compared to competitive tags with regards to levels of various trace minerals, salt, and feeding rates. A Mineral Worksheet is also available which allows calculation of the amount of mineral a client needs and what their costs are for the product.

To obtain any of these tools, contact Chuck Bloechl (extension 4541) or Kent Heckman (extension 4329) or access the Sales Logix library. Putting a professional client presentation together utilizing one or more of these great tools will increase your chances of success! Position yourself as a trusted business partner by implementing these programs in your beef selling process.