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Kent and Elanco have partnered to bring you the tools and technologies for your cattle to be healthy and perform at every life stage. This partnership includes Rumensin®, Elanco’s monensin product, as part of Kent’s products for stocker and fed cattle. This partnership has provided decades of improved cattle performance for beef producers across the country.

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The Rumensin Advantage

Rumensin is a proven management tool that optimizes your investment by improving cattle weight gain and feed efficiency, even as the quality of forage changes from year to year.1 Rumensin is approved for use in all production phases in the beef industry.

When you choose Rumensin, you can trust that it is better suited for feed mixing with2:

  • Better particle-size distribution
  • Less variability
  • Less dust

The findings from more than 400 Elanco research studies have made it possible for producers to include Rumensin in ever-changing food programs and management systems.


Implementing Rumensin

The impact Rumensin has on performance is detailed for the different stages of production in the figure below. To maximize feed efficiency throughout the production cycle, Rumensin can be fed in any diet.

chart showing benefits of Rumensin over various life stages of cattle

Rumensin for coccidiosis prevention and control

For coccidiosis prevention and control, Rumensin is the most potent feed ingredient available that kills coccidiosis parasites at three different stages in the life cycle6,7 instead of simply slowing their development. Additionally, it more efficacious at lower doses compared to other ionophores.

Rumensin® for Coccidiosis Prevention and Control
table showing modes and stages of action and minimum dose requirements

Since 1975, cattle producers have relied on Rumensin as a trusted solution that helps deliver proven results year after year. The legacy continues with service offers and Elanco’s commitment to generating value.

timeline of Rumensin's history

Kent products featuring Rumensin

Kent’s self-limiting beef feeds featuring Rumensin designed and researched to improve cattle performance and feed efficiency.

Exact Nutrition with Exact Beef®

cows eating from bunk

A self-limiting feed designed and researched to be fed to all classes of cattle on pasture or drylot in pelleted or meal form featuring Rumensin for prevention and control of coccidiosis.

  • Self-Limiting
  • May Improve Rate of Gain
  • May Improve Feed Efficiency
  • Less Labor
  • Less Equipment
  • Increased Pasture Carrying Capacity

Features and Benefits

  • High Fat – Corn germ, flaxseed and vegetable oil for weight gain
  • High protein – Elevated levels of protein to maximize performance
  • Trace Minerals – Fortified with necessary levels of minerals to ensure proper nutrition
  • Vitamin Fortification – Key vitamins such as D and E are included to support immune system and help with nutrient use
  • Contains Rumensin

Feedlot CIT

Controlled Intake Technology for feedlot rations featuring Rumensin.

Kent’s Feedlot CIT helps improve feed efficiency for cattle fed in confinement with three formulas – Feedlot CIT Grower 125R, Feedlot CIT Finisher 225R and Feedlot CIT Balancer 150 R – to fit most management systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Pelleted – flexibility when mixing with grains
  • Urea – lower cost protein source
  • Higher grain diets – improve productivity by helping cattle reach market weight faster, reduce manure due to less roughage in diet, and improve feed conversion
  • Rumensin – helps stabilize feed consumption and improves feed efficiency

Precision® Dairy Beef

cows eat from bunk

To be successful feeding dairy beef steers for market it’s essential steers be fed a properly balanced ration that promotes rapid and efficient growth. Higher energy, no roughage diets provide the greatest opportunity for maximum performance and profitability when feeding dairy steers. Kent Precision Dairy Beef supplements provide high levels of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are limited in corn-based diets.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple feeding program
  • Whole shelled corn eliminates processing
  • Less equipment and labor needed
  • No roughage required
  • Fast economical gains
  • Rumensin provides feed efficiency
  • Yeast may help stimulate intake and rumen metabolism
  • Sodium diacetate: an acetic acid ingredient may help stabilize rumen pH
  • ZinPro® organice trace mineral nutrition may help improve key performance factors including average daily gain, feed conversion, and hoof integrity

Kent’s self-limiting beef feeds featuring Rumensin designed and researched to improve cattle performance and feed efficiency.

Visit your local Kent dealer to learn how these Kent beef products can fit into your operation.

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