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Each Native formula is created using wholesome, natural ingredients to meet specific energy requirements. The similar ingredients in Native Levels 2, 3, and 4 allow you to move from one energy level to another while maintaining normal digestive function. So, whether your dog is going for a short trail walk, a long run, or even an all-day hunt or intense competition, Native allows you to transition to a higher energy level as needed to maintain optimal performance and excellent body condition of your dog. Level 1 offers an alternative meat source which is lamb.

The Native performance dog food line takes a unique approach to canine nutrition because the entire focus is on providing the required energy for peak performance at various activity and training levels at all life stages. Consider Native dog food a high performance fuel that is adjusted depending on how fast you need to go and how often. This is different than the usual age and weight-based approaches of most mainstream dog foods and allows you to choose the proper diet based on what you and your dog are doing.

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Dogs are no different; they have an inner drive – a native passion – to perform well and do whatever it takes to always please their owners. But every canine athlete is different. Depending on the intensity of their activity, every dog has a distinct nutritional energy need.

That’s why we created Native® performance dog food. We wanted to ensure your canine athlete has a food that offers the desired nutrition and energy they need – no matter their activity level.

Our exclusive Native formulas were created for canines with owners who love spending time outdoors with them and insist on only the best for their canine athletes.

All Native products include:

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NutriVantage® for Dogs  |  Concentrated Energy  |  Wholesome Grains  |  Antioxidant-Rich Nutrients  |  Chelated Minerals  |  Omega 3 and 6  |  Prebiotics

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