Kent No Roughage Beef

No-Roughage Beef (NRB)

A “no roughage” supplement designed to be mixed with corn and fed as the only ration for finishing beef cattle and dairy steers.


  • Complete mechanization of feed handling means minimum labor is required in starting and finishing beef cattle without roughage on the NRB program
  • Easy to mix only NRB, cracked or shelled corn, and water
  • Advantages of no roughage include gains equal or superior to conventional finishing methods; glossy hair coats; animals are more uniform in finish; and carcasses grade the same or superior to conventional finishing methods
  • Guaranteed levels of potassium and magnesium needed for maximum performance 
  • Proper balance of key electrolytes for optimum performance and carcass merit
photo of bags that contain No-Roughage Beef

No-Roughage Beef (NRB) Products

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