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Showing livestock is the art of presenting an animal to the best of its potential to a judge who evaluates the animal against a breed ideal. Showmanship is also part of showing. It involves presenting an animal at its best where the skill, ability, and appearance of the exhibitor is evaluated.

To optimize the genetic potential of show animals for growth, soundness, appearance, and muscle expression, Kent Show Feeds are formulated with industry-leading nutrition and superior-quality ingredients. Kent Show Feeds are formulated specifically to support the heritable traits of genetically exceptional livestock exhibited competitively.

Kent Swine Show Feeds offer:

  • NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer® for Swine – a blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals in a nutritional supplement perfect for show pigs – to help animals achieve their genetic potential and mitigate the stress of the show circuit by supporting the digestive and immune systems.
  • Fixed component formulas to ensure quality of ingredients and consistency of nutrition.
  • Complexed trace minerals to enhance bio-availability and absorption, support optimum health, optimize nutrient utilization, and aid hair coat quality.
  • High vitamin fortification to improve energy and protein metabolism, feed utilization, immunity and overall health to help fight stress in show environments.
  • ShowBloom™ for superior skin and hair quality, to aid intake and feed utilization, support muscle development, tone, and hoof health.
  • High-quality, easily-digested protein sources to optimize average daily gain and feed efficiency from start to finish.

Show Pig Products

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