Easy Cover 100

A unique 100% prilled fat top dress

  • Life Stage:  Finisher
  • Feed Type:  Supplement
  • Feed Form:  Powder
  • Packaging:  25-lb bag

Product Description

A unique 100% prilled fat top dress. It has excellent handling and mixing characteristics; it does not cake up or clump. Easy Cover 100 is a vegetable-based fat with a pleasing aroma and excellent palatability.

Features & Benefits

Prilled fat

Excellent Palatability, Excellent Digestibility, Excellent Handling Characteristics

Feeding Directions

Swine & Beef: Top-dress 2-4 ounces daily to increase or maintain body condition. Dairy: Top-dress Easy Cover 100 (rumen-stable dairy bypass fat) 0.5 lb or 8 ounces per cow per day for first 4 weeks after freshening, then feed 1 pound per cow per day to peak or to support energy needs of high producing dairy cows. Sheep & Goats: Top-dress 1-2 ounces daily to increase or maintain body condition


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