Trophy Image Food Plot BLAST

Trophy Image BLAST Brassica Buck Feast food plot combines 6 different types of brassica providing a powerful attraction that deer & elk love.

  • Feed Form:  Granular
  • Packaging:  5-lb bag

Product Description

Trophy Image BLAST food plot combines 6 different types of brassica that deer and elk love, as well as cold tolerant tops and bulbs that provide much needed energy as the temperatures drop. A blend of rapeseed, turnips, radish, collard greens, forage cabbage and forage kale provides wildlife a superb late food plot. After the plants are impacted by a hard frost, they convert the starch in the leaves to sugars. This change increases consumption as deer and elk will seek out the sweet, sugary leaves.

Features & Benefits


Big, leafy, carbohydrate and protein-rich forage with sugary tubers
Cold tolerant tops and bulbs provide needed energy as temperatures drop
Excellent late season forage that attracts and holds big bucks close


Nutrient-dense summer through fall forage attracts and holds deer close
After a hard frost, brassicas convert starch to sugars increasing consumption


Our proprietary Growplex CS™ soil prep helps support rapid root growth and massive forage

Plants 1/2 Acre (21,780 SQ. FT)

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis


20% Radish; 13% Rapeseed; 13% Turnips; 7% Kale; 7% Collards; 7% Rapeseed; 34% Coating and Growplex CS

Feeding Directions

No specific feeding directions available.

General Management Considerations

Existing clover and other crops can be over seeded with Trophy Image BLAST food plot in the late summer as long as the standing crop will allow the seed to reach the soil.

Mixing Directions

Planting Instructions
Trophy Image BLAST food plot performs best when the soil pH is in a 6.0 to 7.0 range. A soil test is encouraged to determine your soils pH and fertility requirements prior to planting. Select a site with medium to well drained soils that receives 4 hours of sunlight per day.

Step 1
- Add the recommended amount of lime suggested on your soil test. If a soil test was not performed, add 800 lbs. of lime per 1/3 acre to adjust your soil pH. Once applied, work the lime into the soil using a disk or tiller.
- Add the recommended amount of fertilizer suggested on your soil test. If a soil test was not performed, add 125 lbs. of 17-17-17 or similar fertilizer per 1/3 acre. Work the fertilizer into the top few inches of the soil. No deeper than 3 inches if possible.
Step 2
- Prepare the seedbed with a cultipacker or drag.
- Broadcast the seed at the suggested rate of 2 lbs. per 1/3 acre.
Step 3
- If using a cultipacker or roller, roll over the seedbed to ensure proper contact with the soil. If using a drag, DO NOT DRAG the seed in. This could bury the seed too deep. Simply allow the seed to settle into the soil.
*If using a drill, set the machine no deeper than a depth of ¼ inch.

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