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The Kent brand story began in 1927 in the central Iowa farming community of Indianola. It was there that Gage Allison Kent started manufacturing Kent Baby Beef™, the original “Feed Without A Filler.” With the introduction of this new feed, Kent revolutionized the cattle feeding industry. Before Baby Beef, most cattle feeds were formulated with little regard for nutritional needs. Kent Baby Beef was manufactured with only top-quality ingredients and no filler materials, setting a new standard for the industry.

Mr. Kent’s feed mill flourished in Indianola and, in 1936, he moved his steadily growing company to Muscatine, Iowa, to take advantage of economical Mississippi River transportation. Over the years, Kent Feeds continued to expand its product offerings. As the market for Kent products continued to grow, additional Kent plants were built to meet the demand. Today, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. operates 10 plants in its western trade area and four in the eastern trade area.

In 1955, Kent Feeds purchased the first acres for what is now a 650-acre Product Development Center complex a few miles from Muscatine, along the Mississippi River. At this facility, feeding trials are conducted to evaluate feed ingredients and new feed formulations to improve animal feeding efficiency. Through research, “The Feed Without A Filler” has grown into a complete line of guaranteed products that can be found throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Now, more than eighty years later, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. continues to thrive as a leader in the research, development and manufacture of animal nutrition products. A subsidiary of Kent Corporation, Kent Nutrition Group remains part of a family-owned network of food companies including Grain Processing Corporation and Kent Pet Group of Muscatine, Iowa, and Precision Foods Group, of St. Louis, Missouri.

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The Kent brand is rooted in America’s heartland, with a primary focus on commercial livestock. Offering nutritional advances, formulation improvements, and expert consulting support, we are still setting new standards in beef livestock nutrition.


In any cow/calf operation, the number one goal is to have every cow in the herd to deliver a live, healthy calf once every 12 months. To achieve this goal, cows must be fed a ration to encourage high conception rates early in the breeding season. Balanced nutrition and proper vitamin/mineral supplementation are necessary to maintain this high level of production. Now more than ever, every calf counts!
Low-Moisture Blocks
Calf Creep


Many cow/calf operators with extra pasture keep their calves after weaning and “background” them to sell as yearlings for the feedlot. Others may buy calves to background on pasture. All calves on grass lack the energy necessary to make efficient gains and often are short on protein as well. Supplementing growing cattle on pasture can be accomplished by hand feeding grain and supplement in a bunk; hand feeding cubes; or offering a self-limiting diet in a self-feeder. Stocker cattle on pasture should be implanted with a growth stimulant for more rapid and efficient gains. An ionophore in the ration will improve rate of gain and feed efficiency. Controlling internal and external parasites will also improve animal performance.
Receiving Feeds
Low-Moisture Blocks


Those first few hours off the truck are the most important to ensuring a strong finish in the feedlot. Balancers, self-limiting feeds, additives, all-natural products, and dairy beef programs from your Kent dealer get the most out of your cattle when beef is your business.
Dairy Beef


In recent years, consumers have become more aware of how their beef is raised. To meet the increased demand for “naturally” raised beef, KNG developed the Down Home product line, formulated using no medications or animal byproducts.
Down Home


Kent branded Animal Care products include additives, treatments, wormers, and inoculants. Our beef additive products are fed to help improve animal performance, health or to improve consumption of feed. The treatment products are medicated to enhance performance and health of animals under specific guidelines. Kent Beef wormer products are research-proven, highly recommended broad-spectrum wormers used for their efficacy and return on investment. Kent silage inoculants for haylage, corn silage, and small gain silages are research-proven and field-tested, and available as water-soluble or dry-treatment inoculants. All Kent Animal Care products have specific mixing, feeding, and use directions for best results and animal safety.


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