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The Kent brand story began in 1927 in the central Iowa farming community of Indianola where Gage Allison Kent started manufacturing Kent Baby Beef™, the original “Feed Without A Filler.” With the introduction of this new feed, Kent revolutionized the cattle feeding industry. Before Baby Beef, most livestock feeds were formulated with little regard for nutritional needs. Kent Baby Beef was manufactured with only top-quality ingredients and no filler materials, setting a new standard for the industry.

In 1936, Kent moved his steadily growing company to Muscatine, Iowa, to take advantage of economical Mississippi River transportation. Over the years, Kent Feeds, Inc. continued to expand its product offerings with new swine, beef, dairy, poultry, specialty and pet products. As the market for Kent products continued to grow, additional Kent plants were built to meet the demand. Today, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. operates 10 plants in its western trade area and four in the eastern trade area.

In 1955, Kent Feeds purchased the first acres for what is now a 650-acre Product Development Center complex a few miles from Muscatine, along the Mississippi River. At this facility, feeding trials are conducted to evaluate feed ingredients and new feed formulations to improve animal feeding efficiency. Through research, “The Feed Without A Filler” has grown into a complete line of guaranteed products that can be found throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Now, more than eighty years later, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. continues to thrive as a leader in the research, development and manufacture of animal nutrition products. A subsidiary of Kent Corporation, Kent Nutrition Group remains part of a family-owned network of companies including Grain Processing Corporation and Kent Pet Group of Muscatine, Iowa, and Kent Precision Foods Group, of St. Louis, Missouri.

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The Kent brand is rooted in America’s heartland, with a primary focus on commercial livestock. Offering nutritional advances, formulation improvements, and expert consulting support, we are still setting new standards in dairy nutrition.


Initial nutrition for young calves. Formulated to promote rumen development and growth. Kent calf starters are formulated for superior palatability to promote intake and rumen development. Kent starters encourage early consumption and provide unique energy and carbohydrate sources to enhance muscle development, growth, and weight gain. Medication options are also available to meet specific needs.


Nutrition for growing and developing heifers. The future success of any dairy operation lies in the quality of the replacement heifers. Feeding heifers for constant weight gain following weaning has been shown to result in better reproductive performance. Properly developing replacement heifers is a crucial step in achieving overall production goals. Kent Dairy Grower and Developer diets are formulated to encourage muscle development, skeletal growth, and appropriate weight gain. Medication options are also available to meet specific needs.


EnergiLass® is a unique supplement product series formulated to correct nutritional deficiencies of forage crops normally fed to beef/dairy animals for maintenance and production. EnergiLass is a cook, hardened blend of molasses solids, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. EnergiLass® helps ruminants utilize protein more efficiently.


Kent minerals provide proper levels of highly bioavailable sources of calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals, and vitamins.


Formulated to specifically meet the needs of newborn calves. High-quality milk and protein sources ensure optimal health and growth. Raising strong, healthy calves is one of the critical phases of dairy herd management. Proper dairy calf nutrition begins with a high-quality milk replacer.

Kent milk replacer products exceed the nutritional needs of young calves and eliminate the disease and contamination risks of feeding waste milk. A high-quality milk replacer features highly digestible sources of protein and fat and highly available sources of vitamins and minerals. Kent milk replacers also mix readily and stay in suspension. Kent milk replacers also offer the convenience of oral medication to help prevent common conditions and infections that can prevent a young calf from getting off to a healthy start in life.


To maintain their productivity and longevity in the milking herd, dairy cows generally need more nutrients than can be provided by available forage or roughage. The quality protein, vitamin, and mineral ingredients in nutritionally balanced Kent dairy supplements help enhance overall herd health and support optimum production.


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