NexGen Sow Premix 75

NexGen Sow Premix 75 is designed to be fed to sows.

Mixing Directions

Breeding Herd Complete Swine Diets

Gestation Lactation Lactation
Ground corn (7.0%) 1610 1260 1392
Soybean meal (46.85%) 315 665 525
NexGen Sow Premix 75 75 75 75
NexGen AA Pak 8
Total, lb 2000 2000 2000
Crude protein, % 13.0 20.0 17.5

Feed one of the above diets as the sole feed to sows. For detailed mixing and feeding directions, consult your KNG swine representative. Provide clean fresh water at all times. The suggested feeding program is intended solely as a guide. The variables of management, environment, and breed may dictate changes in requirements.

For additional feeding recommendations, consult your local KNG Representative, or contact Customer Service.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Ca), min 18.0%
Calcium (Ca), max 21.6%
Phosphorus (P), min 9.25%
Salt (NaCl), min 11.3%
Salt (NaCl), max 13.5%
Selenium (Se), min 8.2 ppm
Zinc (Zn), min 5,100 ppm