Baby Beef Complete

Kent Baby Beef™ Complete with High Intake Technology (HIT) for healthy, high-performing cattle

Kent Baby Beef™ Complete is a complete pelleted feed ideal for all classes of cattle, but is particularly suited for beef show animals. This product can be fed from weaning on, and is a very palatable formulation designed to encourage intake to help keep calves on feed for optimum health and condition. Eating Baby Beef Complete helps calves gain the fill you’re looking for in the lower body and flank.

Setting the standard with every bite

Beef producers know that calves lined up at the feed bunk means healthy cattle, which leads to optimum performance. Kent Baby Beef has been drawing cattle to the feed bunk since 1927 when Gage A. Kent revolutionized the cattle feeding industry with 34% Baby Beef supplement, the original “Feed Without a Filler.” He based this foundational product on his own livestock experience and made it from the best quality ingredients available. Now, we’re adding Baby Beef Complete to the Baby Beef legacy. In combination with our proven Baby Beef formula, we’ve added our exclusive High Intake Technology (HIT)— the key to encouraging consumption to help get cattle on feed faster, then keep them eating for a fuller, healthier look you can be proud of.
logo for High Intake Technology
HIT (High Intake Technology) includes:

  • Quality Fiber Sources help support lower body and flank fill.
  • Kent BoVantage nutrition optimizer may:
    • Promote a healthy rumen environment
    • Stimulate dry matter intake
    • Help combat stress
    • Provide immune system support
  • Zinpro Availa® 4 is a blend of organic trace minerals which can help calves cope with the challenging effects of stress, while supporting skin and hoof integrity, muscle growth and development.
  • KemTRACE® Chromium Propionate is an organic trace mineral which research shows helps stimulate intake, while enhancing gain and feed efficiency.
  • AND Selenium Yeast for a more readily available source of selenium that stimulates rumen activity, improve feed intake and rate of gain.

HIT means a product that cattle want to eat, giving them optimum vigor and condition and the healthy full appearance you work for.

Feeding Recommendations

Pre-weaning and Weaning: Feed as a complete ration at a rate of 1% – 3% of body weight per head per day. Contact your Kent Nutrition Group representative for additional feeding information and medication options.

Show Cattle: Top dress at the rate of 10%-30% of the total complete feed diet.

Tips for Starting Cattle

  • Water – Provide clean, fresh water upon arrival. Studies show cattle eat more after arrival if given immediate access to water.
  • Hay – Offer hay the first feeding off the truck. Producers may want to top-dress Baby Beef Complete over hay so cattle eat down through the ration to get to the hay. Hay should be good quality and free from dust and mold. Moldy, dusty hay can irritate the lungs and leave cattle suseptible to pneumonia. Avoid letting cattle eat hay from the ground as this can increase the potential for ingesting coccidia organisms.
  • Silage – Avoid starting cattle on corn silage or other fermented feeds (especially high-stress cattle). If cattle must be started on silage, initially offer no more than 3 to 4 pounds as fed per head (diet should contain no more than 50% moisture).
  • Antibiotics – Studies have shown cattle benefit from an antibiotic in the ration upon arrival.
  • Observation – Observe all cattle at least 2 times per day. Treat those with temperatures of 103º F or greater and place them in a sick pen to reduce stress and exposure to other animals.
  • Processing – Wait a minimum of 24 hours to process cattle (vaccinations, identification tags, implants, deworming, etc.). Severely stressed cattle should be rested up to 48 hours.

Guaranteed Analysis and Ingredients

Crude Protein, min 14.0%
Crude Fat, min 2.0%
Crude Fiber, max 19.0%
Calcium (Ca), min 0.7%
Calcium (Ca), max 1.2%
Phosphorus (P), min 0.45%
Salt (NaCl), min 0.1%
Salt (NaCl), max 0.6%
Potassium (K), min 1.0%
Vitamin A, min 11,750 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min 5,800 IU/lb

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