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With a wide choice of purposefully formulated feeds, picking the right one for your horse can be tough. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll help you find the right fit.

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Purposefully formulated horse feed to perfectly fit your horse.

No one knows your horse's thoughts, emotions and moods like you. Just as in touch as you are with their distinct personality, we're in tune with their unique nutritional needs. No matter which Sentinel horse feed best fits your horse, you know you're giving them the key nutritional components for a healthy and happy life.

Digestive Health

Digestive Health

To help your horse maintain total digestive and gut health, we use proprietary blends, like gutWise, and the nutritional power of natural, wholesome ingredients.

Immune Support

Immune Support

To help your horse maintain optimum health and metabolism, we precisely blend stable vitamins, trace minerals and other important antioxidant nutrients into our feed.

Whole Body Wellness

Whole Body Wellness

To support the holistic health of your horse, our expert nutritionists have crafted specialized formulas that are scientifically designed for whole body equine well-being.

Products that passionately protect your horse's health.


Extruded feed for extraordinary nutrition.

Our 100% extruded horse feed products, made with low starch and low sugar ingredients, are a safe and natural way to give your horses the best nutritional and digestive benefits.

Sentinel Premium Horse Feed

Sentinel® XT

Precisely textured feed for performance.

Our specialized textured horse feeds with built-in fiber and low starch meet the complex energy demands of performance horses while maintaining normal digestive health.

Sentinel XT Textured Horse Feed

Sentinel® Care

Optimized diets and supplements for optimum health.

We’ve scientifically designed a line of solutions to address your horse’s developmental, physiological, digestive, metabolic or performance concerns.

Sentinel Care Full Lineup of Horse products

Helpful horse health tips.

Choosing a Horse Feed to Support a Lifetime of Wellness

You want your horse to have the best life possible, and that often starts with the right nutrition. But choosing the perfect horse feed for your companion can be challenging for many reasons, a major one being that their nutritional ...
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No one knows your horse quite like you. You can tell when they’re happy and healthy, and you can sense when something isn’t quite right. But because horses have such complex and sensitive digestive systems, determining what’s wrong is often ...
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Golden Advice for Feeding Horses in Their Golden Years

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and equine nutrition, horses are living longer than ever. While that’s great news for horses and their owners, it often comes with nutritional considerations that can change over time. Depending on a variety of ...
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Applying equine nutrition in clinical settings with Abby Geick, DVM

From colic-prone to competitive horses, there’s one feed form this veterinarian says keeps popping up again and again. Abby Geick is an equine veterinarian who knows firsthand the powerful impact nutrition can have on a horse’s well-being. When her 23-year-old ...
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From Horse Person to Trusted Expert in Equine Nutrition

Kristyn Sturken Equine Product Manager Sturken joined Kent Nutrition Group in 1995 and currently works in the marketing and product department with a major focus on her passion, equine products. How Sentinel Product Manager Kristyn Sturken turned a love of ...
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