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gutWise Technology helps maintain total digestive and gut health and is a proprietary blend of:

• Prebiotics

• Probiotics

• Marine-sourced calcium

• NutriVantage® for horses

With the intestinal tract containing over 75 percent of the body’s immunity cells, a stable and healthy digestive system is vital to the performance, behavior, and overall health of the horse.

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gutWise Nutrient Release Technology is delivered in an extruded form to help support nutrient digestibility and availability. Sentinel® 100% extruded horse feeds are exclusively formulated with gutWise Nutrient Release Technology.

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gutWise Technology is delivered in a beet-puple based textured feed with exclusive extruded nuggets. Sentinel® XT horse feeds are exclusively formulated with gutWise Technology.

True Blue Club®

For loyal horse owners feeding qualifying Blue Seal or Kent equine products, our True Blue Club® program rewards its members with coupons toward future purchases of premium equine products.

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