Premium seed mixes for a wide variety of birds

Feed for All Types

Indoors or out, keeping your feathered friends content and healthy begins with a nutritious diet. Turn to Blue Seal for quality nutrition. Whether they offer sweet songs, cheerful chirps, or jabber all day long, you can rely on our specialty bird products to support the best life for your winged companions.

Pet Bird

Blue Seal Colors β€˜n Chorusβ„’ caged bird diets are formulated with a wide variety of seeds and grains. Each is fortified to provide a tasty and nutritious mix that meets the dietary needs of your specific species.

Wild Bird

Wild birds can brighten your day! You can rely on Blue Seal to bring you specialty wild bird mixes that attract all native bird varieties to your backyard or front porch. Nutritional requirements for wild birds can vary. That's why we offer an extensive line of premium products to attract a broad variety of birds. Choose the ones that are right for you, your ecosystem, and your local bird population.

Suet Cakes

Blue Seal Suet Cakes are perfect for generating extra energy for wild birds. Whether that energy is needed to fuel reproduction in the spring or to keep warm in the winter, the mixture of quality fats, seeds, grains, and/or nuts in Blue Seal Suet Cakes will keep birds coming back all year β€˜round.

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