When the show matters, the feed matters. Trust Kent Show Feeds to give your animal the winning edge. Our products are specially formulated for optimal animal growth and development as well as a fresh, healthy, show-ready look that will grab the judge's attention.

Champions come from quality genetics, daily work and training, and the right animal nutrition. Kent Show Feeds provides the quality animal nutrition you can trust -guaranteed.

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Kent Show Pig products offer:

NutriVantage® for Swine

A proprietary ingredient research-proven to support a healthy gut environment for pigs under stress.



A brewer's yeast supplement specially made for show animals, can help support digestive tract health, feed intake, hair coat and hoof quality, body condition and muscle growth, development, expression, and tone.

ShowBloom® is a registered trademark of the F.L. Emmert Company.


Gut Stabilization

A unique blend of ingredients which have been shown to promote healthy digestion and gut function in pigs, which can result in better growth and stool quality.

Trace Mineral Amino Acid Complexes

More readily available forms for copper, zinc and manganese compared to inorganic sources. Improved trace mineral status supports skin, hair and hoof integrity, proper immune function, and helps to maintain overall animal health and performance.



A natural, environmentally safe feed technology (Yucca schidigera extract) which helps reduce the production of ammonia in animal waste.

Micro-Aid® is a registered trademark of DPI Global.

Fixed Component Formula

A fixed component formula utilizes a particular set of quality ingredients limited to a precise range. This ensures the product meets nutrient specifications at all times while providing a consistent diet supporting healthy digestive function.


Kent Show Awards Program

Earn rewards for purchasing the Kent Show Feeds that put you in the winners’ circle!

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