An unspoken bond exists between horse and rider. It motivates trust, confidence and strength. At Blue Seal, we understand this shared connection and are continually striving to nourish horses in the most progressive ways.

Horses Inspire Us

Treat them to a feed that supports them the same way. Our product lines offer a full range of energy levels for improved overall health and peak performance — no matter what your goal.

Equine Nutrition Team

Meet our equine nutrition experts here to answer common nutrition questions, share new product overviews, and to help provide a possible solution for your horse's nutritional situation.

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Dr. Randel (Randy) Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition at KNG
Jeanne van der Veen, Equine and Specialty Nutritionist at KNG.
Kristyn Sturken, Equine Product Manager at KNG.


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