ēcube™ is a forage-based, complete feed (TMR, Total Mixed Ration) consisting primarily of alfalfa and grass in a large cube form.

A unique process combines quality forages with minerals and vitamins to meet all nutritional requirements of the horse at various life stages.


  • Total Mixed Ration (TMR) combines all ingredients required by the horse in a single feed product; no other forage, grain or supplementation necessary
  • Natural and Healthy Way to Feed continuously throughout the day to mimic the natural slow grazing pattern of horses
  • Naturally Low-Starch and Low-Sugar blend of alfalfa and grass hay provides a diet less than 10% NSC for horses with a history of metabolic and digestive challenges.
  • Soft, easy-to-chew cubes offer balanced nutrition in every bite and a consistent diet at home or when traveling. Convenient feeding and handling with minimal waste and no sorting.
photo of ecube bags

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