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Research Facilities

The first acres dedicated to our product and nutritional research were purchased in 1955 near Muscatine, Iowa. Today, Kent Nutrition Group’s (KNG’s) Research Farm campus covers over 800 acres and includes five primary facilities specific to the species and life stage being studied.

The KNG Research Farm is the heart of our product research and the foundation for developing new Kent and Blue Seal product formulations in a practical, real-world setting. At this facility, feeding trials are conducted to evaluate feed ingredients and new feed formulations to improve efficiency and gain while supporting overall animal health.

Our research team is led by Ph.D. nutritionists and includes trained animal science professionals, all working toward products and practices to optimize animal health and well-being through improved nutrition and care.

Research Focus

Research is key to the development of new products as well as the ongoing improvement of established products. This focus on research drives all of the activities at the Kent Nutrition Group Research Farm.

One of our latest achievements is the opening of a new swine unit featuring a state-of-the-art feeding system, treatment-specific drinking water plumbing assembly, along with zone targeted environmental controls, waste management containment, and animal-friendly loadout handling capabilities. This new unit helps set the stage for the next generation of swine nutrition research for KNG, and sets the bar for our research focus going forward.

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