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Just like many of our customers, the Kent brand is deeply rooted in America. In 1927, Gage A. Kent started a company with one goal: to offer high-quality livestock products made with the best nutritional ingredients. With this quality-first philosophy, the Kent brand has built its reputation throughout the Midwest.

We continue to grow that reputation with products focused on high-quality nutrition and superior ingredients for beef, swine, dairy, equine, poultry, pet, and other animal feed. More than 90 years after our start, we stand as the leading animal nutrition brand in the Midwest because we remain focused on three characteristics: quality, service and trust.


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Home Fresh

Your animals are important to you. You raise them as part of a more natural, wholesome, and healthy lifestyle that’s all about you and your family. At Kent, we understand that you’re always reaching for something better — that’s why we created Home Fresh animal feeds.

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