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Exceeding Expectations

Who We Are
We are a leading source of nutrition products and services for commercial livestock, lifestyle animals, and pets. It’s all we do. And more than simply recognizing the unique relationship our customers have with their animals – we share it.

What We Do
Our products are driven by research, innovation, and quality while our company is guided by dedication, honesty, and integrity.

How We Do It
Meeting the nutritional needs of each animal – exceeding the expectations of every owner – is why we work. It is the challenge that excites us, the passion that inspires us, and a promise we live up to.

Kent Articles

Kent Articles provide more information about Kent products and explore other topics.

Nutrition Notes

Nutrition Notes articles are written by members of the KNG Nutrition Department and address timely nutrition and management topics or issues making news in the industry.

Proud supporter of IFEEDER, the Institute for Feed Education and Research.