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Sweet songs that welcome spring or an optimistic sign of good things to come – wild birds can brighten your day! You can rely on our KNG sister brand – Blue Seal – to bring you specialty wild bird mixes that attract all native bird varieties to your backyard or front porch. Blue Seal Premium Mixes are available through your Kent retailer. Nutritional requirements for wild birds can vary. That's why we offer an extensive line up of premium products to attract a broad variety of birds. Choose the ones that are right for you, your ecosystem, and your local bird population.

Why are Blue Seal products included on this website?

Since 1868, Blue Seal has been a leading animal nutrition brand in the Eastern United States. In 2010, Kent Feeds and Blue Seal Feeds merged to form Kent Nutrition Group (KNG). Because of its strong quality nutrition reputation, select Blue Seal brand products for horses, companion and backyard animals, and pets are proudly offered through Kent retailers.

For more information about additional Blue Seal products, please visit the Blue Seal website.

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