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Seed is the least expensive input when starting a new lawn or rejuvenating an old one, but the most important factor for success! Poor-quality mixes may have low germination rates or contain a high percentage of weed seeds, undesirable grass species, and inert material. Planting high-quality seed will give you a healthier, more attractive lawn with fewer maintenance problems than โ€œbargainโ€ seeds.

Only the highest quality seed mixtures carry the Blue Seal brand. With Blue Seal Lawn Seed Mixes, you can count on high germination rates, high purity, and minimal inert matter. The result will be a beautiful lawn!

Blue Seal Stores offer a broad selection of our lawn seed mixes. The right one for you is the one which best matches the environmental conditions of your planting site, the way your lawn will be used and your intended lawn care practices.

These questions will help you decide:

  • How much sun/shade does the site receive?
  • How much traffic (children playing, backyard activities, pets, etc.) will there be?
  • How much time and money (fertilizer, lime, supplemental water, and mowing frequency) are you willing to spend on lawn care maintenance?
  • How quickly do you need the grass to come up?
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