Safe ‘N Simple Pre-emergence Weed Control 9-0-0

  • Life Stage:  Weed Control
  • Packaging:  50-lb bag

Product Description

Safe 'N Simple Pre-emergence Weed Control 9-0-0 is an all-natural plant product made from Corn Gluten, a dried protein separated from corn during the manufacture of starch in the food industry. In 1985, while studying its value as a fertilizer, researchers at Iowa State University discovered that Corn Gluten contains a natural organic compound which inhibits root development in seedlings. Germination occurs, but seedlings die from lack of a root system. The result is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, completely natural weed control.
Safe 'N Simple 9-0-0 provides weed control and an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen in an easy to spread crumble form. When spread at the recommended rate Safe 'N Simple 9-0-0 provides 4 lbs. of nitrogen/ 1,000 square feet. Nitrogen is released as microorganisms break down in the soil.

Features & Benefits

Controls Weeds Naturally

Corn Gluten Meal

Children, Pet and Environmentally Friendly

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis


Active Ingredient - Corn Gluten Meal 100%, Inert Ingredients - None

Feeding Directions

Spring Application For Lawns
Timing is critical. Because it is a pre-emergence weed control, this product must be applied before weed seeds germinate. Apply 20 lbs/1,000
square feet in early spring when the forsythia begin to bloom in your area or when the first daffodils/jonquils begin to bloom (those at least 15'
from buildings). Ask your Blue Seal Dealer when the ideal time is to spread pre-emergence herbicides in your area. Use a drop or cyclone-type
spreader. Do not worry about over-application: this product will not burn your lawn even if you significantly exceed 20 lbs/1,000 square feet.
Water in deeply, then allow to dry out completely. The effectiveness of this product will be compromised if the lawn is continuously wet, as
with an underground irrigation system.

Fall Application For Lawns
Many broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, germinate and establish root systems in the fall in preparation for spring growth. Apply
SAFE 'N SIMPLE® Pre-emergence Weed Control 9-0-0 at the rate of 20 lbs/1,000 square feet, after the hot, dry weather of midsummer
is over (August 15 - September 15).


Potential combustible dust hazard.


Not available for purchase in Alabama

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