NexGen is a comprehensive swine product line designed for modern genetics and current feeding systems to optimize swine performance and give superior value. 

Our NexGen swine products are designed to help strengthen your bottom line, making you more efficient and effective in your commercial swine business.



What is Phytase? Plant seeds contain a natural component called phytate that binds minerals like phosphorus, thus making the minerals partially or totally indigestible to pigs. The phytase enzyme breaks down phytate so that the phosphorus and other minerals are released. By supplementing diets with phytase, more of the phosphorus in the grain and oilseed meals is utilized, resulting in less supplemental phosphorus needed in the formulation of diets.

Why use Phytase? Kent research indicates that the use of phytase in swine diets will improve the utilization of phosphorus in corn and oilseed meals, reducing the amount of phosphorus supplementation needed. This lowers the phosphorus content of liquid manure and a potentially damaging buildup of excess phosphorus in the soil. For producers with sophisticated manure management plans, lowering phosphorus levels in swine manure allows them to increase the application rate.

High-Energy Diets

Added fat in grow-finish diets significantly improves feed efficiency and can offer some improvements in gain. Fat also reduces dust, helping to improve the facility environment for both pigs and employees. However, whether fat is economical to use in diets depends on the prices of corn, soybean meal, and fat as well as the selling prices of market hogs. Based on Kent research trials, the utilization of a fat calculator determines the breakeven price and can help decide whether or not to use fat in a diet.

Amino Acids

Determining the levels and balance of amino acids in grow-finish diets is especially important in optimizing growth, feed efficiency, carcass traits, and economics. Extensive and ongoing testing at Kent continues to provide the data needed to fine tune diets based on combinations of intact proteins (corn, soybean meal, DDGS) and multiple amino acids (lysine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan). The pricing of these various ingredients plus KNG research provides input to determine the optimum combination of intact proteins and synthetic amino acids to use under various market pricing scenarios.

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