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What is Kent Natural Yeast?

Kent Natural Yeast (KNY) is a high-quality, brewers yeast supplement. Our product starts with a unique strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has undergone the fermentation process at human-grade breweries. The liquid brewers yeast then undergoes a unique manufacturing process, resulting in a high-quality, efficacious product. Kent Natural Yeast often outperforms other yeast-type products in palatability, performance, and digestibility and is considered the most palatable yeast product available on the market today. Animals not only prefer KNY over other yeast type products, they consume more of it while improving feed efficiency in the process.

Kent Natural Yeast: Highlights of our Brewers Yeast Supplement

  • Research tested, field trial proven, and customer confirmed.
  • Liquid brewers yeast consists of fermentation solubles, alcohol, and other liquid components such as metabolites and wort ingredient residues.
  • A unique ingredient combination and manufacturing process enhances the final productโ€™s nutritional profile.
  • Lower drying temperatures improve product palatability and digestibility.

KNY Features and Benefits

  • Highly palatable
  • All natural, biologically avaible vitamins and minerals
  • Natural source of selenium and chromium
  • May function as a prebiotic
  • Natural source of B vitamins
  • Superior value, proven effectiveness
  • Research tested, commercially proven
  • Benefits all species, at all life growth stages.

KNY Research Highlights

  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Increases average daily gain (ADG) and dry matter intake (DMI)
  • Increased milk yield and milk quality
  • Promotes rumen stability by maintaining a stable pH during diet transitions
  • May improve fiber digestion
  • Aids in consumption and encourages intake during times of stress (shipping, receiving, weaning, transition, etc.)
  • Improves hair coat and hoof quality
  • May improve carcass grade and quality
  • Promotes consistent feed intake and feed utilization
  • Improves body condition

Overall, the type of yeast (brewers yeast) and manufacturing process involved in producing KNY contribute to its nutritional profile, palatability, and efficacy. The strain selection and drying process make KNY unique compared to other yeast-type products available. Research-backed, field-trial-proven, and customer-approved are important reasons why Kent Nutrition Group is building its fermentation foundation on the โ€˜bagsโ€™ of Kent Natural Yeast!

Yeast Comparison Chart
Kent Natural Yeast
(Product 8555)
Yeast Culture
(Diamond V XP)
Live Yeast
Ethanol or Distillers Yeast
Research โœ” โœ” โœ” โ€”
  • โ†‘ DMI
  • โ†‘ Rumen Stability
  • โ†‘ Feed Utilization
  • โ†‘ Body Condition
  • โ†‘ DMI
  • โ†‘ Rumen Stability
  • โ†‘ Rumen Stability
  • โ†“ Rumen Acidosis
  • โ†‘ DMI
  • โ†‘ Feed Efficiency
  • โ†‘ ADG
  • โ†‘ Milk Production
  • โ†‘ Carcass Quality
  • โ†‘ Feed Efficiency
  • โ†‘ ADG
  • โ†‘ Milk Production
  • โ†‘ Feed Efficiency
  • โ†‘ ADG
  • โ†‘ Carcass Quality
  • โ†‘ Fiber Digestion
Ingredient Label

Brewers liquid yeast, processed grain by-product, and plant protein products

Yeast Culture and the media on which it was grown.

Media: Processed grain by-products, roughage products, cane molasses, malt, and corn syrup

Micro-spherical From Yeast

Distillers Dried Yeast

Nutrient Profile
  • Crude Protein (min) 28%
  • Crude Fat (min) 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber 9.0%
  • Crude Protein (min) 12%
  • Crude Fat (min) 3.0%
  • Crude Fiber 6.5%
  • Crude Protein (min) 40%
  • Crude Fat (min) 6.0%
  • Crude Fiber 4%
Additional Nutrients
  • B-Vitamins
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
โ€” โ€”

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