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Jason Johnson

Jason, Sasha, Sara, Jacee, and Justin Johnson

Jason Johnson Show Lambs is the Johnson family, consisting of Jason and Sasha Johnson, and their three children: Sara, Jacee, and Justin. They run around 250 ewes, raising Suffolks, Hampshires, and Crossbred market lambs in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Some of their favorite Kent products are 20 Lamb for their baby lamb creep; 18% Texturized Lamb Starter grower/finisher for their show lambs; and 34 Lamb Supplement as a mix in for lambs being grown out. Kent EnergiLass tubs are a huge hit at their farm as well, providing added nutrients the ewes need.

The greatest showing accomplishment (so far) for Jason Johnson Show Lambs was breeding and raising a ewe lamb that won multiple jackpots across the Midwest. Then, at the Wisconsin State Fair, she was named Supreme Ewe and also won the honor of Supreme Breeding Sheep. This ewe lamb, named "Keeping it Classy," went on to be voted "Show Lamb of the Year" for 2016.

To keep up with the Johnsons and learn more about their show lambs, go to their website or follow their social media.

Jason Johnson
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