Extend The Life Of Your Christmas Tree

Extend The Life Of Your Christmas Tree

Trim your tree. Trim branches from around the bottom 6" of the tree – more if your stand requires it or you like a more airy look. You'll want to remove about 1/2" off the bottom of the trunk to reveal fresh wood. Do this immediately before placing it in the stand in order to minimize the risk of the trunk healing over. If you aren't able to recut the tree trunk, then have someone at the tree lot cut it for you and bring the tree straight home.

Watering. Your tree will drink the most water during the first few days, so it is important to check 2-3 times daily in order to keep the reservoir filled. If the water level drops, the trunk will begin to heal over, which will prevent it from taking up water. A tree may drink a gallon of water, or more, every day.

Water additives. Forget about adding aspirin, fertilizer, seltzer, or glycerin to your tree's water. For keeping your tree lush and healthy looking we recommend using PROLONG®. For the past 35 years PROLONG® has been America's most popular Christmas tree preservative. Safe for use around children and pets, this highly effective product, is the easiest and most convenient method of hydrating your cut tree, keeping it greener, fresher and safer throughout the holiday season. Trees watered with PROLONG® retain their needles longer and will absorb more water than they would otherwise, thus extending its life.

At the end of the holiday season. Give the environment a gift and take your tree to a Christmas tree recycling location. It’s a great way to help Mother Earth! 

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