Feed The Birds

Feed The Birds

Fall is the ideal time to take an active interest in bird feeding.

Migratory Birds Are On The Move
Migratory birds are embarking on a major mission. Some evening flying thousands of miles to Africa or South America. But human development continues to take the place of many of migratory birds’ usual 'rest stops. So a welcoming backyard or a welcoming neighborhood that offers water, trees for roosting and well-stocked feeders, can be very helpful to birds that need to "refuel" during these long flights.

Keep Them Coming Back
Turning your backyard into a bird feeder this time of year, could yield months of magnificent bird-watching. Many colorful songbirds are considered short-distance migrants. Meaning they breed and nest in Northern Canada, but might only fly south to New England or the Great Lakes for the winter months. If you attract them to your yard now, they might set up shop in your neighborhood and be back all winter long.

Bird-Feeding Can Chase Away Winter Blues
Maintaining feeders during the winter months when many birds are supplementing their diet with seeds and suet means going outside to tend those feeders. Experts agree that getting outside for just a few minutes, even on a winter day is a great mood-booster. It clears the head, stimulates the circulation and even lets you appreciate being able to return to the warmth of your home once your feeder-filling tasks are completed.

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