Homemade Fall Bird Feeder

Homemade Fall Bird Feeder

Want to attract more birds into your yard? Need something to keep the kids busy? Have too many pine cones laying about? We have a fun, inexpensive fall craft project that might be perfect for you.
This project is an old favorite with many families, summer camps, and schools, and you may even remember making something similar back when you were a kid.

Here's what you'll need for the project:

  • a pine cone
  • non-toxic acrylic paints (optional)
  • creamy peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, or vegetable shortening (like Crisco)
  • bird seed
  • string, yarn, or ribbon
  • a plastic bag or paper plate
  • a spoon or butter knife

This project can potentially get a little messy, so unless you enjoy vacuuming up bird seed, you'll probably want to set up your work area out in the back yard.

Find a big pine cone and bring it home. You'll want to get one that's opened up so the scales are separated. Take your pine cone and decorate it with paint if you like, some people like theirs to have a more colorful look and let the paint thoroughly dry.

Now smear peanut butter onto the pine cone, working it in between the scales. If you're concerned about children's peanut allergies, you can substitute another nut or seed butter, like sunflower seed butter, or vegetable shortening for the peanut butter.

Now roll the pine cone in bird seed or sprinkle the seed over it, making sure to push the seeds into the peanut butter. This is where things can get a little messy, so do this over a paper plate or in a plastic bag or as we mentioned before, outside.

When you're all done, tie a piece of ribbon or string to the top of the cone, hang it from a tree, and wait for you feathered friends to have a feast. Get the satisfaction of getting to watch wild birds eat your handiwork and any other bugs that might go after your vegetable garden.

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