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Josh’s #MyTrustStory for Kent Feeds

Kent Feeds has been a staple on Josh Lyon’s farm since he was in high school, helping his father raise cattle in Tama County. While in college, Lyon worked at a local Kent dealership – Dolezal Farm and Supply – where he learned more about the health benefits behind the brand.

“The quality of Kent Feeds is better than others I’ve tried,” says Lyon, who raises about 330 head of cattle every year in Garwin, Iowa and continues to work with his dad. “It’s just always the same high quality, year after year.”

Annually, Lyon buys roughly eight tons of Framework 365 Mineral and, during calving season, uses about one ton of Calf Creep per day. He says the results are impressive, particularly when it comes to the health of his herd.

"With Kent Mineral, the conception rates are much higher in our cows,” he says. “And with the creep feed, our calves are healthier and stronger. Because they’re bigger, they go on feed quicker after weaning. We don’t have a lot of calves getting sick out here.”

Lyon says the relationship he has with the Dolezal family as his local dealer makes a significant difference to him as a customer. From testing silage samples each year to simply answering “odd ball questions,” Lyon says he has grown to rely on Dolezal’s almost like a partner in his business.

“They can run samples for us and see what our energy levels are, so we know how to tweak our rations to make sure our calves are growing efficiently,” he says. “That kind of customer service is really valuable. I know they always have my back.”

Josh Lyon lives on a 1,300-acre farm in Garwin, Iowa with his wife, Erica, and their four children – Alaina, 14; Grant, 13; Morgan, 11; and Evelyn, 9 – plus two dogs (Blue and Becky), some chickens, a few guinea pigs and “a whole lotta” barn cats.

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