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Kent Nutrition Group COVID-19 Response Measures – Swine

We are facing unprecedented times in the livestock industry with the effects of COVID-19 on the packing industry. With the closing or slowdown in several pork packing plants, we as an industry are struggling to deal with options for pigs that cannot be shipped to market.

Reduce Energy in Feed

  • Remove added fat from rations
  • Remove energy releasing enzyme and growth promotional products
  • Add high fiber, bulky ingredients like soybean hulls or wheat midds
  • Consider other non-traditional, high fiber ingredients that may be locally available
  • Use alternative grains like oats or barley to reduce energy but not to the degree of fiber ingredients

Mineral Strategies

  • Increase calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • Increase salt from 8 to 12 pounds per ton up to 20 to 25 pounds per ton
    • Caution must be used to ensure water intake is not limited
    • Pigs will adapt to increased salt levels over time
  • Add calcium chloride at 25 pounds per ton
    • This is a short-term solution; pigs adapt in two to three weeks

Reduce Amino Acids

  • Reduce lysine concentration by 20% (For example: 1.15 to .95, 1.0 to .80, .85 to .68)
  • Reduce amino acid ratios
  • Consider ultra-low crude protein feed if soybean hulls or wheat midds are not available for the last 50 to 100 pounds of gainExample Diet:
    −  Corn: 1,883 lbs
    −  SBM: 75 lbs
    −  Premix: 32 lbs
    −  Lysine: 6 lbs
    −  Methionine: 3 lbs
    −  Threonine: 1 lb

Management Strategies

  • Tighten feeders; must still have about 25% pan coverage
    • Watch for clogged feeders; out of feed events can lead to ulcers and fighting
  • Crowd pigs by increasing pigs per pen
    • Must watch for fighting and tail biting
  • Market entire pens of pigs and not top the entire barn
    • This results in tighter pens which should reduce feed intake
  • Increase barn temperature but ensure adequate ventilation to maintain air quality
    • Ensure there is adequate water available

We are all in these strange times together. If you have any questions on how to best manage delayed shipping, please contact your Kent Nutrition Group representative or our Swine Team leaders.

Dr. Jim Smith - (563) 554-4073 -
Dr. Michael Edmonds - (563) 264-4377 -


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