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Meet Jeff Bogus

Territory Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region

In the 30 years that Jeff Bogus has worked in the Central Pennsylvania ag industry, his customers – from large producers to backyard farmers – have always demanded three things from their feed: quality, consistency and performance. But with such varied customer needs in his sales region, it can be difficult for some feed companies to deliver all three.

 “I’ve got everything from large production ag facilities, ranchers who are formulating rations, and part-time farmers who are feeding free choice,” Bogus says. “We have sizable amounts of farm-to-table operations and families where the dairymen have retired and their sons have taken over. They’re not milking but raising beef cattle now. We’re really varied here.”

That’s where Blue Seal and Kent feeds make a difference, he says. Customers are extremely loyal because they see strong performance in their livestock, and they know the products are tested – not just though research, but through time. And they trust that what they’re getting is always going to be the best quality.

“You open a bag, you know what you’re going to get. You feed the bag, you know what it’s going to do,” Bogus says. “My customers know they have a support system behind our products, whether it’s me, the dealer or the PhD nutritionist back in Muscatine Iowa.”

Bogus says it’s unusual for feed companies to give customers access to nutritionists who research the formulas, much less work directly with them on feed programs for their specific operations. But Kent does just that.

“People appreciate the extra attention and service,” he says. “That’s where we really excel, because we’re meeting their needs and challenges. We want them to succeed.”

Jeff Bogus lives with his wife, Tracie, in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, where they enjoy gardening, fishing and spending time with their five-month-old grandson, Jackson. Jeff, Tracie and both of their grown children, Andrew and Megan, are proud alumni of Penn State University.


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