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You have successfully registered for our Native® Performance Kennel Program! You are now eligible to receive members-only coupons, news, promotions, offers, and more.

We are delighted you choose to feed Native and you appreciate the difference this performance food can make. We also appreciate a breeder like you recommends Native to go home with your puppies!

As a token of our thanks, you’ll soon be receiving a NATIVE hat in the mail, along with a sample Native Puppy Kit, and business reply envelopes. Please use the envelopes to take advantage of our "Buy 10 Get 1 Free" weight circle program. Simply cut out the weight circles from 10 bags of Native, send them in, and receive a coupon for a free bag of Native.

Should you need additional puppy kits for new litters, please order them at 866-647-1212 or e-mail [email protected]. Both are great ways for you and your clients to benefit from Native high-performance dog food.

Thanks again for choosing Native, and we hope you benefit from The Native Difference!

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