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Benefits of Specific Enzymes in Home Fresh Poultry Products

By Michael Edmonds, Ph.D., V.P, Swine and Poultry Nutrition

In 2012, we improved our poultry programs by adding in a specific mixture of enzymes which resulted in a significant improvement in feed efficiency with broilers at the Kent Research Farm (see chart below). These enzymes, which are stable in pelleted feed, include a xylanase which breaks down fiber components to improve nutrient digestibility, an amylase which results in improved energy digestibility from starch and a protease which breaks down storage proteins which improves amino acid digestibility.

The table above illustrates the broilers that received the enzymes (Avizyme®) in their feed were more efficient than those on the control feed. Improved feed efficiency means broilers more weight with less feed.

Further research was published (Poultry Science Association, 2021) in which the same protease enzymes included in Home Fresh were evaluated in 12 large commercial turkey houses on six farms (over 56,000 turkeys). The researchers added the protease enzymes to commercial tom turkey diets and fed these birds until they were harvested at 19 weeks of age. While no differences occurred in average daily gain, they did see a significant increase of 4% in improved livability. Moreover, there was a reduction in Avian pathogenic E. Coli (APEC) which may be an indicator of gut health.

The two research trials have shown adding enzymes can not only improve feed efficiency, but also can improve livability and may improve gut health. These enzymes are a standard inclusion in our Home Fresh poultry feeds, helping your birds live better.

Avizyme® is a registered trademark of IFF Nutrition & Biosciences

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