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Low Soybean Meal Ration Recommendations For NexGen® Starter Program

Soybean meal is a valuable protein source in pig diets. It has an ideal blend of amino acids, which comes very close to meeting the nutritional requirements of growing pigs. Unfortunately, there can be physiological challenges when using high levels of soybean meal in pig diets, particularly with young pigs. While the manufacturing process to make soybean meal (specifically the heat) eliminates the main anti-nutritional factor of soybeans, trypsin inhibitor, several others survive processing intact. Young pigs tend to be hypersensitive to these anti-nutritional factors. When those compounds hit the hind-gut, the body has an immediate, and forceful, reaction; leading to loose stools and decreased pig performance.

Due to differences in genetic lines, some herds may experience more problems with soybean meal in young pig diets than others. In order to help those with highly sensitive herds, we have developed new ration recommendations with lower soybean meal inclusions. These rations still contain the high quality, specialty ingredients, and technologies that you expect from Kent Feeds, while maintaining a high plain of nutrition, ensuring optimal pig health and performance.

Pig Weight, lbs
Ingredient, lb/ton 12-17 17-25 25-40 #1 25-40 #2
Corn (7%) 635 991 1138 1188
Soybean Meal (46.9%) 425 560 550 570
Steam Rolled Oats 200 200 100 100
Animal Fat or Corn Oil 40 40 40 40
NexGen HP 12-17 Mixer 700
NexGen 17-40 Mixer 200 160
NexGen 25-40 Mixer 50
NexGen Premix 40
NexGen AA Pack 9 12 12

For additional information, specific recommendations for your herd or questions, please contact your Kent Nutrition Group swine representative.

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