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Modifying Swine Grow-Finish Diets with Synthetic Amino Acids

With the ever-fluctuating costs of soybean meal and amino acids, it is very important to use diets like the example attached to determine which diets to use. In research completed at the KNG Product Development Center, we showed that these diets with much lower soybean meal levels, along with much higher synthetic amino acids, including tryptophan, perform equally. The reason for adding synthetic tryptophan to our diets is based onthe performance and economic responses observed in grow-finish pigs (See Nutrition Notes article entitled: “Evaluation of Tryptophan-to-Lysine Ratios in Grow-Finish Pigs,” April 10, 2017.)

The example in the attached file is with NexGen Premix LYS DDG200 (Product # 2092). By plugging in current feed prices in the attached spreadsheet, the calculations will show the differences between the AA Pak diets and the SBM (on tag) diets. The key rule when using any of our other NexGen premix programs is the following:

  1. Take out 127 lb of soybean meal per ton.
  2. Add in an additional 117 lb of corn.
  3. Add in 10 lb of NexGen AA Pak (Product # 2105) for all diets except the Paylean Diet.
  4. With the Paylean Diet, add in 11 lb of AA Pak (corn would be added in at 116 lb per ton).

With the current costs of corn, soybean meal, and amino acids, these diets high in synthetic amino acids (lysine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan)cost less than feeding diets with more soybean meal and less corn. Remember, simply plug in your feed prices to compare diet costs and pick the set of diets that reduces diet costs.

Should there be any questions on any of these diets, please call us!

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