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Not All Yeasts Are Created Equal

Decades ago fermenting of alcohol began. By the 1920’s, yeast by-products were fed to Dairy, with feed applications for all species diets occurring shortly after. We have learned yeast improves fiber digestion, stabilizes rumen pH, improves gain and efficiency, and supports the immune system through prebiotic function. But what makes Kent Natural Yeast (KNY) different? How is it unique compared to the competition?

The answer is based on three key features:

1. Brewers Yeast

2. Palatability

3. Nutrient Profile


Our yeast undergoes full alcohol fermentation at the brewery before it is manufactured into Kent Natural Yeast. Our yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as are a majority of the other yeast products available on the market. However, a majority of these products are not considered a brewers yeast supplement. In other words they do not undergo the full alcohol fermentation process, which contributes to the metabolites and overall nutrient profile of the final product.


Several benefits come from feeding brewers yeast, but one benefit often overlooked is palatability. Brewers yeast is often sold at a premium price to pet food companies as a palatant, and when implemented in commercial animal diets it has the same benefit.

This is one reason commercial livestock under stress or dietary challenges benefit the most from brewers yeast. It helps keep these animals on feed and/or aids in the transition of feedstuffs. Therefore, KNY not only improves palatability but it also drives intake, improves rumen function, and improves overall gut health. With a 2:1 return on investment KNY drives intake while priming the rumen for efficiency and gain. As producers know, intake drives production, and production drives profitability.


The nutrient profile of KNY also out performs the competition. While most yeast products available are 20% crude protein or less, KNY contains 28% crude protein and several biologically available vitamins, minerals, and metabolites.

Yeast itself is a source of crude protein. Evaluating the crude protein level of yeast products helps one understand what ingredients make up the majority of the product. For example, lower crude protein products would include more ingredients than just yeast.

Also, when yeast undergoes full alcohol fermentation it interacts with the wort ingredients resulting in an enhanced nutrient profile. The amino acid profile and selenium levels are two additional areas on the nutrient specs that evaluate overall quality of the yeast product(s).


It is a brewers yeast, manufactured to preserve and enhance palatability, provide immune support, improve gut health and provide superior nutrition at the same time. Take a look at the nutrient label of Kent Natural Yeast… it says a lot about the Quality of Kent Nutrition Group products.

Overall, if your yeast product is working, your animals will confirm it.

Healthy on the inside = Healthy on the outside.

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