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Selisseo (Hydroxy-Selenomethionine): Effects on the Immune System in Swine

Michael Edmonds, Ph.D., Vice President, Swine and Poultry Nutrition

Developing feeding strategies to help reduce the negative effects of stress on swine is an ongoing challenge. Stressful conditions can increase what are called reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can damage cells and impair immune system function. These ROS are activated molecules of oxygen which increase during late pregnancy and lactation in sows, and during weaning and environmental changes in young pigs.

One way to help protect cells from ROS damage is by enhancing the pigs’ antioxidant defense system. One of the key nutrients in this process is selenium. Selenium is stored in tissues as selenium-containing proteins. Research shows that the use of hydroxy-selenomethinine, commercially known as Selisseo, results in significantly higher amounts of selenium deposited into muscle compared to selenium yeast or sodium selenite. Thus, when the pig is stressed, the enhanced selenium reserves in tissues are available to help with the immune response.


Based on extensive research studies with Selisseo, the incorporation of Selisseo as a standard in the Kent Sow and Starter programs will provide additional support for immune system function.

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