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Supplemental Nutrivantage® In Grow-Finish Pigs

Developing products that can help pork producers raise healthier pigs to feed a growing population is an ongoing effort at the Kent

Nutrition Group Product Development Center. NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer® for swine is a research-driven feed supplement

designed to help animals achieve optimum nutrition from their diet. Our exclusive NutriVantage formula is made with nutritional

components that consist of a blend of organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chelating agents. In the following

trial, we evaluated NutriVantage at three levels (1.5, 3, and 4.5 lb/ton of complete feed at an added cost of $1.30, $2.60 and $3.15/ton,

respectively by substituting NutriVantage for corn) in growing-finishing pigs. We utilized 1,896 pigs involving 24 replications per group.

We used a five-phase program with 400 lb/ton of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles in each diet. The overall performance data are

shown below:




Effect Of Nutrivantage On Overall Performance, Carcass Traits, Economics in Grow-Finish Pigs
Groups 1 2 3 4
NutriVantage, lb/ton - 1.5 3 4.5
Number of Pigs 474 474 474 474
Number of Pens 2.726 2.671 24 24
Final Weight*, lb 249.4 248.9 253.7 250.5
Days 0-112

ADGc , lb

1.823 1.819 1.862 1.833

ADFc , lb

4.761 4.724 4.830 4.738


2.610 2.597 2.592 2.583

Cost/lb Gainb , ¢

21.00 21.04 21.12 21.19
Net Return, $/Pig

@$50/cwt live price

59.19 58.92 60.07 58.90

@$55/cwt live pricec

69.40 69.10 70.50 69.16

@$60/cwt live pricec

79.61 79.29 80.93 79.42

@$65/cwt live pricec

89.82 89.47 91.35 89.68

@$70/cwt live pricec

100.03 99.65 101.78 99.94

@$75/cwt live pricec

110.24 109.84 112.21 110.20

Percent Leanb

57.18 57.24 57.29 57.33

Dressing Percent

75.43 75.33 74.85 75.23

Grade Premium, $/cwt

5.47 5.34 5.64 5.48

aNV linear (P < .05); bNV Linear (P ≤ .09); cNV Cubic (P ≤ .10)

*Initial Weight/Group = 45.2 lb


We observed a response in gain and feed intake when pigs were fed diets with supplemental NutriVantage at 3 lb/ton of complete feed.

In fact, the hogs were 4.3 lb heavier at market weight when the diets contained supplemental NutriVantage at 3 lb/ton compared

to those without. While the optimum level for growth and feed intake was 3 lb/ton, we did see that as the level of NutriVantage was

increased, the improvement in feed efficiency continued, which helped to keep the cost/lb of gain just slightly higher than the pigs on

Group 1 without the NutriVantage. The improvements in gain with NutriVantage fed at 3 lb/ton resulted in very favorable advantages

an as the level of NutriVantage was increased.


Supplemental NutriVantage for swine (Product # 8101) at 3 lb/ton of complete feed resulted in faster growth rates along with

improvements of $1.10/hog marketed (using a live price of $55/cwt).


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