Feedlot 34-17

A beef cattle supplement for mixing steer and heifer feedlot rations.

  • Life Stage:  Finisher
  • Feed Type:  Supplement
  • Feed Form:  Pellet
  • Packaging:  50-lb bag

Product Description

Feedlot 34-17 is a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement for cattle on high energy finishing rations.

Features & Benefits


Protein in the ration is criticial for livestock growth and performance as well as proper rumen function. A combination of urea and plant-based protein feeds the rumen and the animal.

Magnesium and potassium

Research shows the addition of magnesium and potassium to well-formulated rations can improve average daily gain, daily feed intake and feed efficiency over control.

Trace minerals and vitamins

Formulated to provide trace minerals and vitamins to help support optimal animal health and performance.

Medication Options

GO-PRO 600B #1412
Heifer Go-PRO 500M 600B #1421
GO-PRO 500R #1422

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min 34.00%
NPN, max 17.00%
Crude Fat, min 1.50%
Crude Fiber, max 9.00%
Calcium, min 8.00%
Calcium, max 9.60%
Phosphorus, min 1.00%
Salt, min 2.10%
Salt, max 2.60%
Magnesium, min 0.60%
Potassium, min 3.40%
Vitamin A, min 40,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min 4,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min 40 IU/lb


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Feeding Directions

Feed Kent Feedlot 34-17 at the rate of one pound per head per day to cattle over 700 lb being finished for slaughter.


This feed should be used only in accordance with directions on this label. Feed to ruminants only.

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