Framework 365 Mineral Performance ET Elite ProPath4

For beef or dairy cows and heifers used in artificial insemination or embryo transfer programs; bulls used for collection or natural service.

  • Life Stage:  Breeder, Cow/Calf
  • Feed Type:  Vitamin or Mineral
  • Feed Form:  Granular
  • Packaging:  50-lb bag

Product Description

Not all herds are created equal. Some cattle have higher requirements due to superior genetics, a rigorous A.I. or E.T. program, or the stress that comes along with production extremes. These situations call for a supplement that is formulated especially for these high production demand situations. Framework 365 Mineral Performance ET Elite ProPath®4 is ideal for high performance cattle. This mineral features technologies from Kent Nutrition Group, Zinpro Performance Minerals and Micronutrients, which work together to maintain trace mineral status and support overall health and performance of high performance cattle.

This mineral is formulated to provide 4.2 g of ProPath®4 when consumed at 5 oz. ProPath®4 is research proven to positively impact reproductive performance in beef cattle. Consumption should average 5 oz per head daily. The amount consumed will vary depending on the quality, type and quantity of feedstuffs available.

Features & Benefits

NutriVantage® for beef

Increases dry matter intake, improves feed efficiency, impacts reproductive performance and reduce the impact of stress.

Kent Natural Yeast

Improves dry matter intake and feed efficiency, improves coat and hoof quality.


ProPath®4 amino acid trace mineral complexes offer trace mineral supplementation in a form that is highly bioavailable to the animal and are research proven to improve reproductive performance in cattle.

Hydroxychloride trace minerals

Key trace minerals provided in the form of hydroxychloride. When compared to sulfate sources, hydroxychloride minerals limit antagonistic interactions in the upper digestive tract and improve trace mineral availability.

Calcium and phosphorus

A 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ratio is ideal for cattle on pasture, which tend to be deficient in phosphorus.

High trace mineral fortification

Formulated to exceed NRC recommendations for trace minerals, helps overcome antagonists and support optimal animal health and performance.

Optimal vitamin fortification

Vitamins A, D and E support growth, metabolism, reproductive performance and proper immune system function.

Selenium yeast

A source of selenium that is easily metabolized, supports reproductive health and performance.

Highly palatable

The addition of salt and other highly palatable ingredients keep cattle seeking out the mineral feeder.


Reduces the loss of mineral exposed to wind and weather, improve water resistance and reduces ‘bricking-up’ in wet weather.

Medicated options

This product is available with approved medications. Contact your local plant for availability.

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Calcium, min 14.0%
Calcium, max 16.8%
Phosphorus, min 6.0%
Salt, min 13.0%
Salt, max 15.6%
Magnesium, min 0.5%
Potassium, min 0.1%
Copper, min 1,750 ppm
Manganese, min 4,500 ppm
Selenium, min 21.15 ppm
Zinc min 5,000 ppm
Vitamin A, min 380,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min 100,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min 1,150 IU/lb


Monocalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Reed-Sedge Peat, Brewers Dried Yeast, Processed Grain By-Products, Plant Protein Products, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Cobalt Glucoheptonate, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Molasses Products, Selenium Yeast, Manganese Sulfate, Calcium Stearate, Magnesium Oxide, Vegetable Oil, Iron Oxide, Zinc Hydroxychloride, Basic Copper Chloride, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Saccharin Sodium, Ethoxyquin and BHT (preservatives), Ethylenediamine Dihydroiodide.

Feeding Directions

Hand-feed Framework 365 Mineral Performance ET Elite ProPath®4 in a dry, clean bunk or mineral feeder. The amount consumed will vary depending on the quality, type and quantity of feedstuffs available. Cattle should consume approximately 5 ounces per head per day.


Do not feed to sheep.

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