Sentinel Care Gastric Support

An equine supplement solutions supplement designed to maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal environment in all horses.

  • Life Stage:  Active/Performance, Adult, Senior
  • Feed Type:  Supplement
  • Feed Form:  Pellet
  • Special Needs:  Digestive or Metabolic Concerns
  • Packaging:  35-lb bag

Product Description

An equine solutions supplement designed to maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal environment in all horses especially during times of stress. It is scientifically formulated with an exclusive blend of gastric support ingredients including bio-available marine-sourced calcium and NutriVantage® for
horses in a palatable, pelleted form.

Features & Benefits

Bioavailable Calcium and Magnesium

Bioavailable calcium and magnesium from a natural marine algae source helps support normal gastric pH and health.

Butyrate and Zinc

Butyrate and zinc provide nutritional support for the gastro-intestinal mucosa helping to maintain gut tissue integrity and normal nutrient absorption.


Prebiotics nourish and encourage the health promoting activities of beneficial bacteria in the gut maintaining digestive health and microbial fermentation for sustained nutrient digestibility and absorption.


Probiotics supply beneficial micro-organisms to support normal digestion and fermentation in the digestive tract.

NutriVantage® for horses

NutriVantage for horses incorporates exclusive components consisting of a blend of organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants, and chelating agents that provide optimal nutritional supplementation to your horse. This proprietary supplement may help aid in nutrient availability and maintenance of a healthy gut environment for immune support.

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min 13.0%
Crude Fat, min 2.0%
Crude Fiber, max 17.0%
Acid Detergent Fiber, max 18.0%
Neutral Detergent Fiber, max 30.0%
Calcium, min 5.5%
Calcium, max 6.5%
Phosphorus, min 0.45%
Magnesium, min 1.0%
Zinc min 600 ppm
Total Bacillus* Species, min 1.4 billion cfu/lb
Enterococcus Faecium, min 130 million cfu/lb
Lactobacillus Acidophilus, min 200 million cfu/lb


Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Wheat Middlings, Calcite, Brewers Liquid Yeast, Reed-Sedge Peat, Cane Molasses, Yeast Extract, Yeast Culture, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Extract, Dried Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract, Butyric Acid, Zinc Oxide, Peppermint Essential Oil, Artificial Flavor, Magnesium Oxide, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Licheniformis Fermentation Product.

Feeding Directions

Sentinel Care Gastric Support supplement is designed to be fed as a top dress to the horse’s daily ration in 3 to 4 feedings per day. Follow feeding guidelines below and in chart and feed the amount shown 3 times per day for maintenance or 4 times per day for horses under stress.

For example, feeding rate for an 1100-lb horse is 150 grams or 1 cup to be fed 3 times per day for maintenance or 4 times per day if under stress.

Feeding Guidelines Supplement Amount Per Feeding
Horse Weight, lbs Grams/Feeding Cups*/Feeding
500 — 750 75 0.50
750 — 1,000 113 0.75
1,000 — 1,250 150 1.00
1,250 — 1,500 188 1.25
1,500 — 1,750 225 1.50
For Maintenance: Feed amount shown 3 times per day
For Stress Conditions: Feed amount shown 4 times per day
*Standard kitchen 8 oz. dry measuring cup.

For best results, feed Sentinel Care Gastric Support supplement along with appropriate Kent® horse feed at recommended rates. Provide good-quality hay or pasture, free-choice salt and plenty of clean, fresh water daily.

Store in a cool dry place. This product is perishable and may degrade if not consumed in a timely manner or not stored consistent with these instructions. Do not feed this product if it appears to be unfit for animal consumption.

NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer®

NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer is an exclusive research-driven nutritional feed supplement that is only available in Blue Seal branded products.

Learn more about NutriVantage

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